Sleep Can Actually Help You Lose Weight


Another misconception in losing weight is that sleeping is a great contributor to weight gain.  But the truth is that sleep can actually help you lose weight.  Since time immemorial, we already knew the importance of sleep to our body.  We have to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day so that our body can perform all its necessary tasks.  It is also important that it will not be interrupted like, for instance, having midnight snacks.  This is going to cause a hormonal imbalance resulting in weight gain.

When we are sleeping, our body is also in the process of burning out calories.  Studies show that a person can lose more weight when he or she sleeps at least 7-8 hours every day as compared to when he or she sleeps for only 6 hours or less.

Lose Weight With A Daily Exercise Routine

Aside from sleeping, you can lose more of your unwanted fats by reducing your calorie intake and having a daily exercise routine.  When all these are combined, you will surely have a leaner body in no time.  This is a weight loss program that is far more effective than any other weight loss programs available.

Hormones In Our Body Helps Control Our Appetite

There are certain hormones in our body that help us control our appetite; they are known as ghrelin and leptin.  The ghrelin is the one responsible for sending messages to the brain that your body needs something to eat.  On the other hand, leptin tells the brain that you have already had enough food taken into your body.  If you do not have enough sleep, your leptin will go down and your ghrelin will tend to increase.  And because of this, the hormones will be sending false messages to your brain.

Allow 3 Hours of Digestion Before Sleeping

For you to avoid interrupting your body from burning calories while you’re sleeping, allow 3 hours of digestion before going to bed.  During the 3-hour period, the body will have to absorb the nutrients that it needs.  The effect of sleeping a few minutes or an hour after eating can hamper the burning process.  Calories will not be burned and will then be converted into fats.

Some of us do not see the importance of sleep, and we think that we can only lose weight by controlling the food that we eat.  Enough sleep helps our hormones signal the right messages to our brain.  It, likewise, burns a lot of calories more than you could have ever imagined.

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