How to Improve Your Mental State to Lose Weight and Improve Health

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Mental  state & health support for weight loss


The state of a person’s mental health is seldom taken into consideration when they are looking to improve their physical health and fitness levels and maybe lose a little weight. This is a mistake because a person’s mental state of health is every bit as important to their physical wellbeing as any diet or exercise program may be. This article takes a look at some of the simple ways in which you can improve your state of mental health and in the process give your physical health a boost.

The first thing you need to do is to raise your level of happiness. It is a well-known fact that generally, happy people are healthier than unhappy people. Why is this? It comes down to the way our bodies are made up and it goes right down to the cellular level of a person’s body. You see, every cell in your body is affected by what is going on inside your mind. After all, it is the subconscious part of your mind that governs what your body is doing to stay alive every second of every minute of every hour of every day of your life. It controls your heartbeat, your blood circulation, your digestion, your breathing, and everything else that your body is constantly doing all of the time without you needing to think about any of it.

In fact, if you did need to consciously think about all those things all of the time, you would not have time to think about anything else! That is what your subconscious is for because it does all those things in the background while you use your conscious mind to think about what you are doing during the day, such as learning things, holding conversations with people, playing games, working, solving puzzles, deciding what to eat or what to wear, etc.

But let’s go back to the subconscious for a moment. As its main function is to control the body’s life support systems, that function is not just performed at the high level of each organ or muscle group or whatever. It goes way down to the process of creating new cells to replace old ones, taking the food you eat and metabolizing it so that the nutrients are extracted and sent to the places that need them all in microscopic amounts and in ways that we cannot even begin to visualize consciously. If you thought all that stuff was automatic, then think again! It is all controlled by the part of your mind that is essentially on auto-pilot but it is still affected by the way you feel, what your primary thoughts are, and your mood.

So when you are in a happy state, thinking happy, positive, and motivational thoughts, guess what? Your subconscious is also in that good, happy mood and is acting positively on all the cells of your body. It creates more new healthy cells and repairs tissue damage faster, metabolizes food more efficiently, and eliminates waste in a similar efficient fashion.

But when you are in an unhappy state, stressed, miserable, depressed or angry, frustrated or feeling hard done by and negative and thinking repressive thoughts, then the subconscious is also matching your predominantly bad mood and acts negatively on all the cells of your body, creating fewer healthy cells and even creating unhealthy ones such as cancer cells. It is more sluggish when it comes to repairing tissue damage, metabolizes your food more slowly and less efficiently, and is also sluggish about removing waste. What do you suppose happens when this state is prolonged?

  • Waste builds up in your colon and starts to poison your system from within
  • You will store more fat because your body is demanding less fuel
  • You naturally eat more bad foods, (comfort eating) which exacerbates the situation
  • You feel sluggish and less keen to do any exercise
  • As fewer healthy new cells are produced, you age faster


These are just some of the negative physical effects that are caused by a predominantly unhappy, negative mental state. You can switch your mental state from a negative to a positive one quite easily, but you have to want to do it and only you can. No one else can change your mental state; it is totally up to you. But when you make the decision that you want to alter your mental state for a better one, there are plenty of things that will help you achieve it.

The first thing you should do for long term improvements is to stop watching the news on TV or reading newspapers. Why? Because they are packed full of depressing bad news, that’s why! Bad news sells more newspapers than good news does because people are more interested in reading stories related to disasters, death, disease, and poverty than they are about reading happy stories. It’s just a fact of life and one you should be aware of. Most newspaper stories are written to get an emotional reaction from their readers and the easiest reaction to get is anger or frustration. These negative emotions are destructive, but that doesn’t concern the journalists, who have the job of writing the stories that will sell the most newspapers!

TV news is no better. Advertisers pay the most money to have their ads shown during commercial breaks inside the main news program because they know that the viewers will not only be at their highest in numbers, but they will be negatively emotionally charged and more susceptible to wanting to buy the advertised products. It works in a similar way to comfort eating when you’re sad. Comfort shopping brings temporary relief to sadness by introducing something new into your life. TV ads are most potent when they have a captive audience that is in need of some retail therapy!

So do yourself a favor and stop reading newspapers and watching TV news. You’ll stop feeling so angry with a world that you cannot change from your armchair, so don’t waste your energy and health by getting angry about the things you can’t change!

If you want to change your mood from a bad one to a good one, all you have to do is change the channel in your mind. Stop thinking about whatever it is that is making you feel bad and think about something good! Think about a beautiful place you have recently visited and put yourself there in your mind. Remember how great you felt and feel it again now. Or think about someone you love or the funny antics of a family pet or a child. These things will alter your mood fast and you’ll start feeling better fast!

When you feel good, and your mood is a good one, then your happiness improves and everything else inside you follow suit. Your physical body follows the state of your mind so that you want to keep it as happy and as relaxed and feeling good as you can because this is what will promote a healthy physical body. It might sound a little amazing, but it’s true and amazing it certainly is when you experience it first hand.

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