The Best Chinese Green Teas To Try Out

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If you are looking for the best Chinese green teas to try out, then you can rest assured that you are reading the right article. As you are probably aware, a lot of research has been done recently to discover the real benefits arising from drinking green tea.

Amazingly, it is now possible to obtain these numerous health benefits by sampling each of the best Chinese green teas to try out. The great thing is that these tea types are so widely available and can be got at any store near you.

A couple of years ago, Chinese tea was unheard of. Therefore, it was impossible to enjoy the great experience that comes with taking this tea. At that time, high-quality green tea was very rare in the West.

This is why people are rushing to buy green tea. Now, there is such an excellent and savory choice of different varieties and qualities of green tea to choose from. Therefore, as you are looking for the best Chinese green teas to try out, you can rest assured that the task will be easy.

You now have the option of gaining the health benefits of green tea by buying cheaper Chinese teas, loose teas, the medium quality green loose teas, or even the high quality Chinese green loose teas. Anyway, the following are some of the best Chinese green teas to try out.

Butterfly Jasmine

This is a very rare reserve of Chinese tea. It ranks among the finest of all jasmines you will ever taste. It blends in exceptional hand-picked green tea leaves picked from Fuji. The leaves have been layered with fresh, scented, and sweet jasmine petals.

Therefore, even before you sip this rarest of all the best Chinese green teas to try out, you will notice the definite flavor and scent that is deeply entrenched in this jasmine concoction.

Daydream Believer

The other of the best Chinese green teas to try out is the Daydreamer. This is a blend between mango-flavored ice cubed and iced Chinese green tea. It is truly refreshing what with the subtly fruity after taste.

Dragon Pearls

Every single pearl in these Chinese green teas has been hand-rolled. It will allow you to enjoy a rich tradition which started about 1300 odd years ago by a Chinese emperor who wished to express his truant love.

It blends green tea with the scent of jasmine flowers picked under their bloom. Once you infuse this green tea with hot water, a most heavenly scent will be released into the air unraveling the experience of a lifetime.

Organic Detox

If you are looking to reboot your system, then you should try this lustrous of all the best Chinese green teas to try out. It is a traditional blend of such ingredients as juniper berries, lemongrass, ginkgo, ginger, sencha, and rooibos. Once you drink it, you will feel like a renewed version of yourself.


To make your life feel a little more luxurious, try Gyokuro. It is a very high-grade green tea that you will absolutely adore. This sweet and nuanced tea quite takes the biscuit from all the best Chinese green teas to try out we mentioned.

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